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Bio and Work Style

Apoorv Arora is a Film Producer renowned for their exceptional work in the film and media industry. With a robust portfolio that spans feature films, over 50 short films, more than 40 music videos garnering over 400 million views on YouTube, and TV promos for Disney's "Frozen 2," Apoorv's impact on the entertainment world is undeniable. Apoorv is the founder and CEO of Apoorv Arora Films based in Los Angeles.

Apoorv has garnered extensive experience in production management, including scheduling, budgeting, team management, location scouting, and securing necessary permits. His proficiency in working with large teams of up to 100+ people has been instrumental in the success of numerous projects.

In addition to his role as a Producer, Apoorv has also excelled as a Line Producer, where he has efficiently managed production logistics, schedules, and budgets. He has demonstrated expertise in handling complex production processes and maintaining a high level of organization and attention to detail.

Apoorv holds a Master in Filmmaking and Producing from the New York Film Academy, Los Angeles, and a Master of Business Administration from International American University, Los Angeles, providing a unique blend of creative and business acumen.

He continues to showcase his talent and dedication to the world of cinema and his commitment to excellence and ability to bring creative visions to life makes him a prominent figure in the film and media industry.

We are committed to providing an output with the best possible experience through artistic expression. Almost providing a new world to you. Our team is highly experienced in production solutions and we love it when a plan comes together. So you hit the play button and we will create the magic for you.

“We all steal, but if we're smart we steal from great directors. Then, we can call it influence.”

Krzysztof Kieslowski

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Thank you for your interest. For any inquiries, please contact

Apoorv Arora Films.

Los Angeles, CA, USA

+1 818 726 0041

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